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We are a team of pet owners who are dedicated to making sure our pets get the best nutrition, care and affection.  We feel responsible for providing the best possible care so that our pets can live a happy and healthy life. The reason why you’re here is because you feel the same way.  You’re in the right place!

We are a company that manufactures and sells CBD Hemp based pet products that have been scientifically proven to be effective and beneficial for many issues from seizures to anxiety.

It all started when Carl, the president of Purity Petibles, had a difficult experience with his aging dog, Dave, a German Shepherd Lab mix who had developed benign fatty tumors.

After years of working with a vet and surgeries, it was difficult to see this stoic dog deal with his discomfort.  He was playful in moments, but as he aged it was apparent that he was having difficulty at times getting up or running and playing.  He was a very playful happy dog.  Carl had been using CBD tincture for his own inflammation and some of his own maladies and had read that it could be great for pets.  He started sharing 5-10 mg of CBD with Dave on a daily basis, and noticed an immediate change.  Dave was more able to sleep through the night.  He was also more playful, eating better, and on average aging a little more gracefully.  Dave did pass at the age of 14, and he was still acting like a silly puppy rolling, playing, and generally bringing joy into Carl’s life up to 2 days before he passed.  Life is not permanent, but being able to share joy as best we can for as long as we can is the best we can do for all the beings we love.”

“Shelly, another team member at Purity Petibles, had a hard time controlling her dog Alexa.  When Shelly had visitors, Alexa would growl and act hostile even if she was familiar with the visitors. It was not healthy for Shelly or Alexa because they were both stressed. So, Shelly searched for weeks and tried different remedies and many different of methods to control Alexa’s aggression and stress. Finally, she discovered that hemp based CBD had a great impact.  It was so simple and the best solution to their problem.”

At Purity Petibles we make sure that each product we manufacture is securely monitored and tested to ensure its consistent quality. We carefully distribute and sell premium quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.  We have worked diligently to create fantastic products, but what matters is that they are great for your pet!